Nach meiner Recherche über die #Chatkontrolle und was Leute aus den Bereichen Recht, Datenschutz, KI und Kryptografie dazu sagen, bin ich etwas optimistischer, dass dieses Gesetz nicht kommt. Alle warnen davor. Es wäre ein riesiger Schaden. Das MUSS doch bei den Entscheider:innen ankommen.

You know that 'Bionic Reading' thing that's supposed to be easier for some people to read? It's behind a $500 a month API, so someone made a free alternative:

I wrote a bit about Asteracea, my Rust-native mixed-paradigm front-end framework:

Self-promotion for a paid RPG Maker MV plugin 

I just finished and published this:

This basically lets you create custom functions in RPG Maker MV, and also adds coroutine-scoped execution contexts that you can scope what are usually global variables (Variables, Switches, JS `window` properties) in.

General advice for people coming over from Twitter and Instagram regarding hashtags:

Hashtags are a useful and important tool here. Clicking on a hashtag will show you results from across different servers, so they're important for federating content and finding people.

There's no need to have loads of tags on your post like Insta to try to catch more engagement, but also you won't be punished for using tags like Twitter.


This plugin is free (with tips greatly appreciated if you can), so I'll post it without CWs:

It adds non-JS (i.e. Command-based) stack traces to any Error that occurs in code created in the RPG Maker MV editor, so you can see *exactly* where the problem occurred from the error screen alone.
It also makes errors easy to copy for you/the player, so you can collect more accurate bug reports with less friction.

Ahhh I made a super silly thing! (As if I make any other kind of thing ever)

It's a paperdoll owl cut-out sheet! Print at home, colour, cut out, and have fun dressing your owl :D

High res print-ready PDF here for freeeeee:

You must show me what you make if you use this please please <3 :artcataww:


Whoops, the lack of preview turned that into vagueposting. They're utilities for RPG Maker MV.

I'd make them MZ-compatible too (where they aren't already; the API is very similar), but I can't afford the latter for testing.

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I have two more upcoming plugins and one more slightly larger QA tool in the works right now, one of which will be available free of charge (since while very helpful, it's really just a small quality of life fix for the engine). I should be able to make the plugins available this upcoming weekend, if everything goes well.

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Self-Promotion for Paid Software 

The reason I originally got into programming was to make games, but I think I'm better at making generic (game) development tools rather than game content.

Here's one that I wrote recently on a whim, to test an idea I had regarding game script reactivity:

I'm quite proud of it in terms of making it a robust tool. I really need to broadcast a bit more that it exists though, since I'm barely getting pageviews 😅

Hi! 😄👋 I’m Argodeon. 💀❤️ ☠️ I’m 👀new. 😳👉👈 Ashley. 🤨 Ashley ⚰️kachadorian. 😒🥸 I already know 📚 how things work 👷‍♀️around here. 👩‍🎓🤤Guess what? 🤔🧐I already know 🧠 all those things. 🤯🧘Yeah!

#art #mastoart #aesthetic #painting #digitalart #introduction

My two #architecdoodle lamp posts for today :D (I mistakenly posted them earlier in the week but for this challenge they get posted Wednesdays :D) @Buntnuk

#wip I was going to crop this picture but the cat deserves to be shown. He's not my cat but he acts as he was 😂

So, talking about #mistakes! I'm a firm believer of referencing everything. Not to copy, but to reference. My brain is not an Al you know. So, I referenced a lot for this illustration, as I always do, but for some strange reason I painted those reeds without any reference. I'm feeling the pain. Yes, it's not that bad, but it could have been waaay better 😬

#MastoArt #watercolor #frog

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