Self-Promotion for Paid Software 

The reason I originally got into programming was to make games, but I think I'm better at making generic (game) development tools rather than game content.

Here's one that I wrote recently on a whim, to test an idea I had regarding game script reactivity:

I'm quite proud of it in terms of making it a robust tool. I really need to broadcast a bit more that it exists though, since I'm barely getting pageviews 😅


I have two more upcoming plugins and one more slightly larger QA tool in the works right now, one of which will be available free of charge (since while very helpful, it's really just a small quality of life fix for the engine). I should be able to make the plugins available this upcoming weekend, if everything goes well.

Whoops, the lack of preview turned that into vagueposting. They're utilities for RPG Maker MV.

I'd make them MZ-compatible too (where they aren't already; the API is very similar), but I can't afford the latter for testing.

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