Self-promotion for a paid RPG Maker MV plugin 

I just finished and published this:

This basically lets you create custom functions in RPG Maker MV, and also adds coroutine-scoped execution contexts that you can scope what are usually global variables (Variables, Switches, JS `window` properties) in.

This plugin is free (with tips greatly appreciated if you can), so I'll post it without CWs:

It adds non-JS (i.e. Command-based) stack traces to any Error that occurs in code created in the RPG Maker MV editor, so you can see *exactly* where the problem occurred from the error screen alone.
It also makes errors easy to copy for you/the player, so you can collect more accurate bug reports with less friction.

Today in "automating your dependency management is a good idea". Fortunately they're easy to take care of in the GitHub app, but I should look into automerging these pull requests for minor version upgrades where the CI goes through.

Progress. The upcoming Asteracea mdBook now executes components examples during build and embeds the resulting static HTML in a new code block.

The input is at , with setup code nearby.


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