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Cooler Nebeneffekt wenn man am Durchlauferhitzer die Temperatur runterdreht (weil die Stromrechnung doch etwas hoch war): Das Duschwasser wird viel schneller warm. Nice!

Been on here a while but I guess I’ll do a fresh #introduction :

Hi, I’m Luna!
By day, I’m a graphics programmer in the UK games industry. By night, I’m a demoscener making procedural artworks with code. I’m trans, I love cats (though I don’t have any of my own), and I will always over-commit to the bit - including (but not limited to) buying fonts specifically for making typographically-accurate memes, and building entire websites for a quick gag.

Oh, and here’s some of my art:

Fuzzbutt says 'Caption Your Media!' :D

(If you have handwriting like mine, this is essential ;p)

I wish society was arranged in a way where it was easier to say "I would like to travel to another place, on foot" and taking like a month to walk from the midwest to like new york or something at a relaxing pace. Without being arrested for publically camping and with any kind of material/social infrastructure that was friendly to people doing such a thing.

Hi! is being slow right now, as far as I can tell because there's twice as many people using it at the same time as ever have; I'm working on making it go fast again, but in the meantime, do remember to invite people to instead of directly to People don't have to be on the same server to follow you! Thanks!

Mir fällt öfter auf, dass etliche User Inhalte von Mastodon auch auf Twitter teilen, vielleicht oft automatisiert. Darunter auch geteilte Posts bzw. Re-Toots und damit Bild- und Videodateien anderer User.

Mir persönlich macht's für mein Gekrakel nichts aus, aber generell gesagt geht das aus meiner Sicht nicht, Leute.

Ihr könnt nicht den Content anderer Personen ungefragt auf ner anderen Plattform posten, selbst wenn der ursprüngliche Account mit angegeben wird. Ist jedenfalls nicht sehr lieb.

haven't shared nice cool little languages in a while.
Fennel is a simple language that is basically scheme syntax targetting lua runtime, so can be embedded many places.

the Fennel programming language -

Is This Your Card?

Released in the 4KB Executable Graphics compo at Revision 2022.
A still image rendered by a 4-kilobyte executable.


okay okay maybe, just maybe, and hear me out here, the problem with twitter isn't whether it's owned by one guy, but the fact it's a monolith that's ownable

sometimes i think about how Gazprom used a nuclear bomb to seal a gas leak

I wonder why there's so commonly either no or very few toots displayed when looking at the profile of another server's user. Recent federation yes, but at the same time this is something that could be fetched on demand the first time it's accessed.

Today in "automating your dependency management is a good idea". Fortunately they're easy to take care of in the GitHub app, but I should look into automerging these pull requests for minor version upgrades where the CI goes through.

To be honest, I'm not sure how far I'll clean this part of the project up for now. I think I'll try embedding live examples somehow (complicated build process...), but first I'd like to get some writing done.

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Progress. The upcoming Asteracea mdBook now executes components examples during build and embeds the resulting static HTML in a new code block.

The input is at , with setup code nearby.

I've decided to develop more of my crates in the open from (relatively) early on, so:

The first unstable release of Asteracea proper is now available 🌼

It's a web app framework born from frustrations with Angular and React, mainly geared towards aggressive but readable boilerplate removal.

There are (lots of) rough edges right now and documentation is lacking, but you can see some samples in the readme and, if you're curious, scraps in tests/


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